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Our mission at KOACH|Enterprise LLC is to develop intelligent student athletes with a purpose driven focus to become the best player on the field, and best person off the field through faith, family and football.

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Why KOACH Enterprise?

  • KOACH Enterprise is much more than just on the field training, we strive to create and develop the full essence of the term “Student-Athlete”, where the student always comes before the athlete. 
  • KOACH Enterprise uses the game of football to build quality character, teamwork, discipline, and perseverance skills.
  • “Family First” environment. We always encourage parents/guardians to partake into our “MAM” workouts (Modified Athletic Movements). “Why sit and watch when you can join in!” All MAM workouts are FREE with K|E memberships.
  • Perspective is everything. Having a Personal Coach in your corner to help guide you & your student athlete through the tuff decisions of recruitment could be a very beneficial tool in the success of your Student-Athlete’s recruiting process.
    • What are Coaches looking for?
    • What college really is the best fit for my child?
    • What questions should I ask?
  • It’s not always about what you know, but whom you know. Koach Wingate has been blessed over the years to build great relationships with a plethora of great coaches all over the country from the NFL, CFL, collegiate & high school ranks. Having access to these relationships can greatly increase the chances of exposure to some of the top coaches in the country.
  • Mentorship is mandatory.

“Show me a successful individual and Ill show you someone who had real positive influences in his or her life. I don’t care what you do for a living – if you do it well I’m sure there was someone cheering you on or showing you the way. A mentor” –Denzel Washington

Our Services

DJ Toronto Prax


(3) high school game film breakdowns for organized study sessions. (ODK = Offense, Defense or Kicking Game)


Field Work

On field, position specific cone and ladder drills focused on superior technique and conditioning.


Chalk Talk/Football 101

High school film study & teaching including: personnel recognition, coverage understanding, formation recognition & route concept understanding. (K|E Playbook included for teaching purposes.)


Recruiting Advisement / Support

Help families to understand & identify what college coaches are looking for in a student athlete. Support families to find the best college fit for their child, in addition to advising them on the proper questions to ask during the recruiting process.


Koach | Fit

Modified Athletic Movements (Parents/Guardians Only)


Academic Enrichment

An academic portfolio created for student athletes that consists of the following: A Report Card / Transcript, ACT /SAT Scores, Clearing House Info & Quarterly Assessments. (Tutoring available upon request)

Koach Team

I am Koach DJ Wingate, a seasoned Secondary Coach with over ten years of experience at the professional, collegiate, and high school level. I am a highly motivated professional with proven abilities in providing and expecting superior results. I am confident that I can be a valuable asset to a student athlete’s personal success on and off the field through a little faith, a family oriented atmosphere and the great game of football.

Over the past decade I have developed my coaching skills, beginning as a Graduate Assistant at the University of South Florida, to a professional Defensive Back/Linebacker Coach in the Canadian Football League (CFL). I have continuously demonstrated exceptional commitment to whatever opportunity I was afforded, from the Davidson College Secondary Coach to having the opportunity to give back to my Alma Mater Mainland High as the Secondary Coach. I am a winner motivator capable of adding the perfect dynamic to help produce a winning team & athlete.

Additionally, I have the exceptional ability as a self-starter to effectively identify problems and set goals designed for personal success. Koach Enterprise uses the Microsoft Office Suit and Visio computer technology to develop, evaluate and identify strategies for personal gains as well. I believe my commitment to excellence and my diverse coaching background will certainly be a great fit for your child’s future athletic endeavors.


Rudy Wilson - Academic Koach

Georgia Tech - Former Assistant Director for Academic Support Coordinator


“As DJ’s college teammate I watched him work and play at an extremely high level. I know he performs the same way as a coach. Above all DJ is a great man and brother for life.”
Lee Smith
Oakland Raiders Tight End
"I appreciate DJ not only as a former college teammate but as a big brother. As soon as I stepped on campus he showed me the ropes of what it was to be a leader, hard worker, & great teammate on & off the field. I truly appreciate him and I’m very proud to be his brother for life. Much love!"
Darryl Roberts
New York Jets Cornerback
“Having Coach DJ as an assistant to my position coach was very beneficial. You don’t find very many young coaches as dedicated to the game and understanding of what it takes to get to the next level as he did. We would watch extra film, talk ball and work technique often. We always had the mentality of getting better everyday. Seeing his passion for the game made me play even harder, to give everything I had & leave it all on the field.”
Kayvon Webster
Houston Texans Defensive Back
"Stop looking, this is the Koach for you! He not only develops your weaknesses to turn them into strengths. He’s always coaching you up even when mistakes are made.I appreciate coach Wingate for helping develop my son and preparing him for college...💯"
April O'Neal Lee
Proud Parent
"He is true to the game! He is a wonderful person."
Teresa Merrick Morgan
Proud Supporter
"KOACH Enterprise has been nothing short of amazing. Coach DJ is 💯% hands on and pays attention to the smallest and most important details. He pushes your child to their limit and brings everything out of them so they can be their best self. He goes above and beyond by showcasing your child’s success and keeps you up to date with everything. Professional, courteous and detail-oriented. We couldn’t ask for a better coaching and training situation than KOACH|Enterprise."
Lisa Nolan
Proud Member

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